10 stone weight-loss wonders!

10 stone weight-loss wonders!
5th July 2017 Amanda Bhavnani
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“We’re sisters and we’ve lost 10 stone between us so far”

A doctor’s warning that her weight left her dangerously at risk of a heart attack convinced Sandra to get healthy.  For sister, Sheila, it was a photograph of her with her grandchild which brought her to tears and spurred her to action. 18 months on, they’ve lost 10 stone between them – and counting; and they’re looking forward to celebrating their achievement on a much-deserved cruise in October. Here’s their inspiring story:

Sheila, 74, has been struggling with weight gain since her thirties: “I only made the firm decision to lose weight when I saw a picture of me and my grandchild together and cried. She told me that I have a big bottom and I didn’t want her to only know her grandma as fat!”

“After struggling with various diets for years, Sandra and I joined Slimming World in January last year, which involves attending a weekly class for a weigh-in and getting a weight-loss programme to follow, including lots of tips and advice. We both live in the same Greenfields older persons’ scheme in Coggeshall, and enjoy cooking for each other and swapping recipes; as well as attending Greenfields’ chair-based exercise classes. We lost around eight pounds each in the first week, which was a fantastic feeling.”

After the usual larger losses of weight in the first few weeks, Sheila and Sandra continued to shed the pounds at a slower but steadier pace, and by June 2017, Sandra, 68, had gone from 15 and a half stones to her target weight of 10 stones 13 pounds.

She proudly says: “I feel so much healthier. I was fed up with being fat and my clothes not looking right. I was also diagnosed with Atrial Fibrillation, meaning that my left ventricle wasn’t pumping blood around my body and would have more than likely led to a heart attack. The main thing I had to do to stabilise the condition was to lose weight. I haven’t had an attack since (involving a drop in blood pressure, the heart rate speeding up and the increased risk of heart attack). I needed that wake-up call.”

Sheila was 23 and half stone when she began losing weight, and she felt ashamed of her size. “When we went on holiday I had to get an extension on the seat belt. It was embarrassing and I didn’t want to have to do that again, so Sandra and I started our weight-loss programme.”

“Three months later, in April 2016, I went for a mammogram, where they found pre-cancerous cells. Two operations later, those cells had become cancerous and it was suggested that I had a mastectomy, so I did. I then had a fourth operation after the mastectomy, and was finally cancer-free. However, being overweight does make going under the knife far more dangerous and harder to recover from.”

“I’m very pleased to say that throughout the operations and recovery I still stuck to the weight-loss plan! I realised my mortality when faced with cancer. I still have diabetes and am anaemic, but since losing weight my insulin dose has reduced by half, and I may even completely recover from it if I lose more weight. I’ve lost five and half stones so far, and want to lose seven stone by the time Sandra and I go on our cruise in October.”

Sheila feels that others can learn from her and her sister’s experiences: “You’ll think you can’t lose weight, but you can. Join a club; don’t try to do it on your own at home. Sandra and I already feel so much better and our health has improved dramatically.”

Sandra adds: “Even though I have now reached my target weight, I continue to watch what I eat, as well as doing lots of walking. Our family can’t believe that we’re sticking to the diet and we’re very proud of ourselves.”

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