Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Here are some of our most popular questions from our residents and our responses to them. We hope you find them helpful.


  • We have received a cheque in joint names but don’t have a joint bank account. Can it be made out in single names?

    We can make payments to a single payee. Please return the cheque to us with a letter signed by both payees, stating which individual you wish the payment to be made to.

    Our preferred method of payment is BACS, as its easier, quicker and safer for us to pay money directly into a bank account, so please provide the bank details of the person whose account the payment is to be made to. Once received, the payment will then made on our next scheduled payment run.

    Please always advise us if you don’t hold a joint account, as we would like to get it right for you first time.


  • Why is the area of grass at the front of my house not cut at the same time as other areas in my neighbourhood?

    We don’t own all grassed areas, shrub beds and hedges on every estate. Some are owned by Essex County Council or Braintree District Council, and the frequencies of cutting aren’t always the same.


  • What do I do if I am having difficulty paying my Service Charges for a leasehold property?

    Service Charges should be paid by 31 March of that financial year. If you are having difficulty paying your services, please contact Leasehold Services immediately to discuss alternative options.

    Contact details of other agencies that may be able to offer advice and assistance:

    1) Braintree District Council Housing Advisory/Welfare Rights Service: 01376 552525. Housing Advisory: 01376 557826
    2) Citizens Advice Bureau. Braintree Witham or Halstead office: 0870 126 4065 or
    3) National Debtline: 0808 808 4000 or

    We also have our own Benefits Advice Service to ensure that you are receiving all the benefit that you are entitled to.


  • If I am in arrears, am I still entitled to the rent-free weeks when paying by direct debit?

    No. To help you to reduce your arrears and catch up on missed payments, your direct debit payments could increase and the rent-free weeks would be exempt.

  • Are rent-free weeks included in Direct Debit payments?

    Yes – we charge 48 weeks of the year. 48 divided by the 12 months = 4. We therefore collect 12 equal monthly payments of four week’s rent.

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