Greenfields Community Housing will not tolerate wrongdoing by employees at any level. This page explains what you should do if you suspect unethical behaviour.

Report Whistleblowing

Reporting concerns

If you would like to voice any concerns about unethical practices regarding Greenfields Community Housing, its employees, customers, contractors, suppliers or partners please either:

  • Email: concerned@greenfieldsch.org.uk
  • Call: 01376 535417 and leave a voicemail message. This is a dedicated voice mail box and you can choose not to leave your name if you would like to remain anonymous.

For independent advice, you can also contact the charity Public Concern at Work on 0207 404 6609.

Greenfields Community Housing is committed to operating at the highest standards of equality, probity, integrity and propriety. We will not tolerate wrongdoing by employees at any level.

Our whistleblowing policy allows employees, contractors, residents and third parties to confidentially anonymously report concerns about wrongdoing by Greenfields Community Housing by staff, board members or external organisations

All contacts will be treated confidentially and anonymously. Serious concerns raised will be investigated promptly and thoroughly.

What is a whistleblower?

A whistleblower is someone who exposes fraud, corruption, misconduct, dishonesty or illegal activity within an organisation.

If something is not right, we want to know

All organisations are at risk of malpractice and it can damage them financially and hurt their reputation.

If you are worried about the implications of whistleblowing then you can report what you have witnessed anonymously. However, to fully investigate allegations of fraud and corruption it may be necessary for us to undertake an investigation, which may not be possible without your co-operation.

Please see our Whistleblowing Policy in the Supporting documents box on the right of this page.

Any complaints about our services and other feedback about Greenfields should be made by visiting this page: www.greenfieldsch.org.uk/customer-services/your-feedback


Tenancy Fraud

Tenancy Fraud includes sub-letting, taking over someone’s tenancy when you’re not entitled to and lying in order to rent a social housing property. It’s a criminal offence, with the consequences including eviction, and a possible fine of up to £5,000 or imprisonment.

Living in a Greenfields property when you’ve got no right to deprives a family of a home they need. That’s why we investigate any reports we receive that residents are living in a home they are not entitled to live in.

The whistleblowing hotlines are also available to report suspected cases of Tenancy Fraud. You can report cases of Tenancy Fraud confidentially to us by emailing concerned@greenfieldsch.org.uk or calling 01376 535417 and leaving a voicemail message.


Bribery and corruption

Greenfields has a top level commitment to eliminating bribery and corruption. Greenfields’ Board is committed to eliminating corruption and bribery and achieving the highest standards of governance in all its activities.

Greenfields recognises that our business is at risk from acts of bribery or corruption in various forms and will take all reasonable steps to minimise this risk and deal effectively with any cases of suspected bribery.

We are committed to carry out our business transparently and fairly and we operate a zero-tolerance policy towards or corruption by our employees, board or committee members or anyone working on our behalf.

The Board and Executive Team will ensure that we investigate any allegations raised, and take all reasonable steps to recover misappropriated funds and hold to account anyone that attempts to defraud us.  We require all employees to read and understand our anti-fraud and bribery policies, and to raise any concerns to us where fraud and bribery related activity is suspected.



Contact us

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Supporting documents

Click below to view our Whistleblowing Policy.

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Call our confidential whistleblowing phoneline on 01376 535417.

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