Adaptations keep Irene in her home for 65 years and counting!

Adaptations keep Irene in her home for 65 years and counting!
31st July 2018 Amanda Bhavnani
Irene O'Grady on a stairlift

Irene O’Grady proudly shows us around her wet-room, customised with her own pink tiles, and declares it to be “like the Ritz!”

A couple of years ago 91-year-old Irene had the wet-room in her house renewed through our Aids and Adaptations Service. Prior to this she feared having to move out of the village that she and four generations of ancestors called home.

She tells us that not only does the wet-room, which includes a graded floor shower with a wall fixed seat, make washing herself far easier, but “everything is to hand and it’s so easy to keep clean.”

Irene, from Shalford, also has difficulty with getting up and down the stairs. She had been using a stairlift for several years, but it kept developing faults. It was only when Greenfields installed a Stanner stairlift a few years ago that Irene felt truly comfortable.

She says: “It’s like a Rolls Royce!” and credits both the stairlift and the wet-room for enabling her to stay in the home that she has lived in for 65 years; raising her two daughters with her late husband. In total, five generations of Irene’s family have lived in Shalford, with her great great great grandparents moving there many years ago.

She tells us how happy she is to be remaining in her home and neighbourhood, where she knows many people thanks to her friendly, helpful and cheeky nature!

Irene said: “I want to live and die here. I am so lucky and blessed. I don’t think I will ever get another landlord like Greenfields; it’s a pleasure to see everyone that comes out. To me, they are everything.”

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