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We’re currently looking for tenant representatives to join our Community Gateway Group. Find out how to apply and be a voice for your residents on this page.

About the Community Gateway Group (CGG)

A Community Gateway is an innovative way of running social housing, meaning true tenant and leaseholder involvement in decision-making about homes and services.

Our CGG ultimately holds our board to account and they play a crucial role in making sure the right services are being delivered in the right way at the right time. It’s a very rewarding role and is key in making sure that we succeed in improving people’s lives.

Joining the CGG – your questions answered

What’s it all about?

One way for tenants and leaseholders to be involved in Greenfields is through the CGG. The Group represents tenants and leaseholders of Greenfields and works in partnership with the Board, commenting on strategy, policy and resident consultation – in short, on how your housing service is delivered.

As an elected member of the Community Gateway Group you would be responsible for:

  • Ensuring that the Board is made aware of the views of its tenants and leaseholders when making decisions
  • Ensuring that all tenants and leaseholders are able to access our involvement opportunities
  • Helping to recruit staff.

Who is on the Group?

The Group is made up of 12 tenant members and one leaseholder member. The CGG and Board have agreed that all members on the CGG jointly represent all tenants and leaseholders. The CGG tenant members are voted for by all tenants in the district. The leaseholder member of the Group is elected through a ballot of all leaseholders.

Once elected, members serve for three years. The Group has an open invitation to attend Board meetings as observers, and Board members have an open invitation to attend CGG meetings, also as observers.

How many vacancies are on the Group?

There are five vacancies, taking into account those either due to leave or step down.

How much time will I need?

The CGG meets each month. On average, members need to give at least nine hours of their time each month to read the agenda and reports, and to attend the monthly CGG meeting.

CGG meetings are mostly held in the evening. Group members have the opportunity to join working groups with staff and Board members, to attend learning sessions and to go on visits – so you may need more
time spare.

Do I need any previous experience?

Absolutely not! You do not need any formal skills or experience to be a valued member of the Group. The CGG places resident involvement at the heart of everything Greenfields does. You will bring your own
life skills and your experience of being a Greenfields tenant to the Group.

You will need to be willing to learn and enthusiastic to get the best for tenants and leaseholders of Greenfields!

Will I get support?

Yes. To help you find out more about being a tenant member of the CGG and how to make the most of your application, we will meet with you, at your convenience, to explain the role and responsibility and also the application/election process. We will also take your photo, if it’s agreed that you will stand for election, or be formally introduced onto the Group at our AGM in September, if there is no election required.

We also hold an informal ‘Getting to Know You’ session with other applicants, current CGG members and staff. This session is held prior to a CGG meeting which enables you to attend the meeting as an observer so you can see for yourself how the group operates Greenfields. Come and meet Group members and find out how it really is!

Once the election has taken place we also hold training events to help successful candidates and existing CGG members in their roles.

If you require transport to these sessions please call Shirley Taylor on shirley.taylor@greenfieldsch.org.uk or 01376 332469. For any other support needs please contact Arron Samson on arron.samson@greenfieldsch.org.uk or 01376 535400 ext. 5610.

The election process

Any tenant holding an ‘assured tenancy’ who is a Gold Member of Greenfields can apply to join the CGG. Applicants who are unable to sign the declaration of interest will not be able to stand for election.

We will only need to hold an election if there are more suitable applicants that places available. If there are less, new group members will be formally introduced at our AGM in September.

Step one

Please read this page to find out about joining the CGG and process of applying.

Step two

Please complete the application form in the ‘Supporting Links’ box on the right-hand-side of this page and send to us by Sunday 8 July 2018.

Step three

If an election is required, information from your application form, a photo of yourself, and your election statement will be sent to all Gold member residents.  This will help residents to decide who they wish to vote for.

Candidates who are not successful in the election will be invited to join a reserve list. They may be offered a place in the future if a vacancy arises, for example, due to a resignation.

We value diversity and want to ensure that the composition of our elected groups reflects the makeup of the community in which we work. This will help us make sure that decisions made represent the needs
of our residents. We welcome applications from everyone, including people of different ethnicities, which are currently under-represented.

Election publicity and promotion of candidates

1. We reserve the right to edit your election statement, where necessary. We will use our best endeavours to ensure that all candidates are treated equally.

2. We won’t carry information about candidates standing for election in our  publicity material during the ‘election period’.

3. The ‘election period’ for the purpose of this statement is taken to be from the time when candidates are officially confirmed by Greenfields as candidates standing for election, until the announcement of the election results at our Annual General Meeting in September (approximately eight weeks in all).

4. Candidates are asked to support this policy by not knowingly seeking to appear in our publicity and promotional material during this time.

5. To assist with this policy, we won’t publish any close-range photos of candidates during the election period.

6. For all candidates who are existing Board or CGG members, you are able to carry out your normal duties on behalf of the Board or CGG during the election period, but not to canvass for votes while doing so.

What are the key dates for the election process?

8 July 2018 – deadline for applications

1 August 2018 -vote for the election begins (if an election is required)

31 August 2018 – vote for the election ends

13 September 2018 – Election results announced at Annual General Meeting.

Who can I talk to for more information?

For more information about the role of the CGG, please contact Arron Samson on Arron.Samson@GreenfieldsCH.org.uk or 01376 535400 ext. 5610.

If you have any questions about the elections process or would like help with your Application Form, please contact Yvette Boreham on yvette.boreham@greenfieldsch.org.uk or 01376 332488 ext. 4078.

Good luck with your application.


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