From apprentice to manager – Sam’s story

From apprentice to manager – Sam’s story
5th March 2018 Amanda Bhavnani
Sam Medhurst

Sam Medhurst began his apprenticeship at Greenfields almost ten years ago, and has since become employed by us and worked his way up to Service Delivery Manager, gaining invaluable experience and skills along the way:

“I started with Greenfields in 2008, so nearly 10 years now, and I was an apprentice in carpentry and joinery. It wasn’t my first job and I was slightly older than some apprentices, but, for me, it was definitely the right move.

As I know many other have, I found the apprenticeship experience enjoyable, especially because of the encouragement and support that Greenfields and my mentors gave me. I strongly believe that having trade qualifications behind me has given me a good basis for building my management style. Knowing how certain things work in practice, not just on paper, means I am good at problem solving and critical thinking.

I have developed my skills over the last decade through many different roles. Among other things, these have included managing trades, projects (including our ‘Property MOT’ Programme), contracts, supply chain, logistics, administration/performance and repair scheduling. Still keen to keep developing my knowledge and skills, I am currently over halfway through a degree in Construction Management. Every day I am finding more and more ways to use the knowledge I am gaining at university while I am at work, something that is enabling me to develop both as a manager and as an employee.

I enjoy working for Greenfields because I feel they have demonstrated that they are a good employer and care about developing people; not only through my own experience but also seeing the experiences of others. It is evident that Greenfields cares a great deal about our customers. By showing that they also care about their employees, they have created a positive culture whereby the employees are consistently giving those customers the excellent service that they deserve.

I would always recommend starting out working life through an apprenticeship route. Gaining that practical knowledge and experience at the outset is invaluable for any career.”