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Our members (also known as shareholders) are a core group of stakeholders with a strong interest in the way that Eastlight operates and provides services. Eastlight is accountable to members and other stakeholders. Members can hold the Board to account at general meetings and influence the way in which Eastlight operates. Find out more about membership of Eastlight by reading our Shareholding Membership Policy:

What does it mean to be a shareholder of Eastlight?

Shareholders must, at all times, act in the interests of Eastlight and for the benefit of the community as guardians of the objectives of Eastlight. Shareholders mostly carry out their role through their involvement at Annual or Special General Meetings where they receive performance information, ask questions and hold the Board to account. Typical activities at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) include:

  1. Receiving the annual report on the performance of the Association
  2. The appointment of the Auditor
  3. The election of Board Members
  4. The election or appointment of members of the Community Gateway Group
  5. Receiving the Board’s annual report on Community Empowerment

We are currently reviewing our Shareholding Membership Policy as part of developing our new ways for residents to get involved.

What types of membership are there?

There are currently two types of membership: Gold and Silver:


  • All tenants who hold a full Assured Tenancy Agreement, all leaseholders, all shared owners and all Board members may apply to become a Gold member to become a shareholder
  • You can attend and vote at general meetings, including the AGM
  • You can stand for appointment to the Board and election to the Community Gateway Group
  • You can vote to appoint Board members and Community Gateway Group members at the AGM


  • Anyone with an interest in Eastlight can become a silver member of Eastlight and attend AGMs (not to vote), including Eastlight’s Starter Tenants

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