“We can see clearly now” the clean-up’s done!

“We can see clearly now” the clean-up’s done!
25th June 2018 Amanda Bhavnani
James Martin

We’re carrying out Local Community Action Plans in our neighbourhoods to find out what small changes could make a big difference to where you live. Here, Neighbourhood Co-ordinator, James Martin, tell us how successful a recent clean-up in Witham has been as a result of an action plan on Spa Road:

“We encourage our residents to tell us how they think we can make their community an even better place to live. Earlier this month I visited a block of flats in Spa Road, to see what improvements they would like made as part of one of Greenfields’ Local Community Action Plans. This could include improved lighting, waste and recycling facilities, bicycle stores, seating and more.

Residents raised concerns about the state of communal areas, and felt they would use them more if they looked more welcoming. Key issues were fly tipping and the amount of rubbish left in the communal bin cupboards. There are no wheelie bins in the store cupboard and residents were concerned that they have to leave the black bags on the floor, which can split; making the area smell and attract vermin.

They also asked if we could provide some plants, hanging baskets and a skip as part of a follow-up community improvement event on Tuesday 19 June 2018. The funds needed were provided by Greenfields Resident Group (South).

The skip allowed residents to clear any unwanted household waste, and played a key part in tackling ongoing fly-tips in the area. 12 black bags of rubbish were collected, as well as bed frames, mattresses, old carpet and general household waste.

Five residents helped to clear neighbours’ waste, as well as supporting Greenfields staff to create flower beds and the planting of flowers.

Nicola Coit, a resident who cleared out the entire bin store herself, told us: “It’s great having the skip and garden done, and the view is a lot nicer. It will be nice to go out and have a bbq to bring people together.”

Another said: “The area looks so much better now and I would be happy to actually use the communal areas again now. I’ll even help by watering the plants. Thanks Greenfields for listening to us.”

I’m really pleased that the afternoon was a great success, and I hope the residents will use the communal areas more now. It was excellent working with them and getting to know them more.”