Charity supporting those living with sight loss

Charity supporting those living with sight loss
5th November 2019 Amanda Bhavnani
Gary and Dawn at event

Support 4 Sight assists people in Essex living with sight loss; including their carers and families. Dawn Simmons and Gary Brown from our Neighbourhoods Team recently attended a special exhibition held by the charity, and Dawn explains how she saw a lady who has become less isolated as a result of the support and advice given:

“Part of our role is to keep up-to-date with new developments to support our residents to stay safe and secure in their homes.  Earlier in the year Greenfields hosted a Support 4 Sight event at our office and one lady attended who is partially sighted. Her family had tried to get her to use a white cane but she was adamant that she would never use one.

Having spoken to a representative from Support 4 Sight she realised that rather than being stigmatised by using a cane it would give her the confidence to venture out on her own.

She now finds that people move out of her way and will often warn her of a potential danger. Shop assistants are more helpful, and, rather than pointing to the aisle where an item is, they will escort her.

Following on from this success, Gary and I saw the lady at the recent Support 4 Sight exhibition and she bought a large print calendar as she was struggling with ordinary ones. She also purchased guards to cover oven shelves to stop burning herself when she took items from the oven, and she arranged for the Fire Brigade to come and do a  home visit to ensure her home is safe.

Talking to the Guide Dogs for the Blind representative, she discovered there is another service where volunteers accompany blind or partially sighted people out into the community to hep reduce social isolation. She also spoke to an organisation which sends out memory sticks containing current news and affairs – both national and local.

All in all it was a very successful outcome for a lady who had started to lose her confidence and was becoming isolated.”

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