Community clean-up and litter-pick in Braintree

Community clean-up and litter-pick in Braintree
5th September 2017 Amanda Bhavnani
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To help mark our 10th birthday on 10th November, we’re holding 10 Make a Difference Days across the District; including a Community Clean-up at Wingate Close in Braintree today.

Several residents rolled up their sleeves and got stuck into filling two skips with unwanted household rubbish from lots of homes in the area. A mass litter pick by local children resulted in three bin bags being filled. In addition, Essex Fire Service knocked on people’s doors and give fire safety advice about the importance of keeping communal areas clear and disposing of rubbish properly.

Laura Clark from Alexander Road Braintree, said: “These days are a brilliant idea and it’s good to tire the kids out; I love getting my hands dirty and helping my neighbours.”

Other Make a Difference Days have included fun days, neighbours sharing a meal, and additional clean-up events.

Arron Samson, Greenfields’ Neighbourhood Manager, is keen that each event genuinely improves the lives of residents: “Each event gives us the chance to support our residents in a variety of ways – be it to tidy their gardens, have a good clear-out, get to know their neighbours or just keep their children busy in the holidays! We also want to draw attention to all the services we and our partners offer, so they know that we’re there when they need us.”

To read the list of remaining Make A Difference Days, please click on this link: