Greenfields’ excellent customer service praised by expert

Greenfields’ excellent customer service praised by expert
29th November 2019 James Calnan

An independent assessor who met Greenfields staff and colleagues has found we offer excellent customer service to residents.

The assessor from Customer Service Excellence spent a day at Greenfields House in November to test how colleagues from across the business focused on providing customer service.

He also met volunteer residents, who make key decisions about their homes and housing service through providing their perspective and insight across Greenfields.

His report ruled we met all 57 elements of the Customer Service Excellence standard and found we had improved our customer service in some areas.

He singled out the “range and extent” of Greenfields’ services provided to disadvantaged residents for particular praise. They include the Tenancy Sustainment Service, the Hardship Fund, the revised support service for Older People and the digital help offered to Universal Credit claimants.

The assessor described Greenfields as “a reinvigorated organisation with a Leadership Team committed to empowering and enabling staff to deliver customer focused services and organisational outcomes”.

You can download the report here: