Shared ownership

Shared ownership

Shared ownership is a fantastic opportunity to get your foot on the housing ladder if you are unable to purchase a home outright. Learn more below.

Shared Ownership

  • What is Shared Ownership?

    Shared Ownership helps you buy your own home if you cannot afford to purchase on the open market. Buying a Greenfields home through Shared Ownership allows you to own part of the property and rent the remainder from us.

  • How does shared ownership work?

    You initially purchase a share of the property – typically around 40% – and pay rent on the remainder. If your household income allows it, you can “staircase” by purchasing extra shares to increase how much of the property you own and reduce your rent.

  • Is it more affordable than renting a private property?

    Situations vary, but the total monthly mortgage and rent cost is usually around the same as renting a similar property privately. You are also building equity within the property.

  • Am I eligible for Shared Ownership?

    If your household income is less than £80,000 a year, you have funds for a deposit and fees but not enough to buy a home outright, you may be eligible. Download our Shared Ownership leaflet to find out more.

  • Do banks lend for Shared Ownership mortgages?

    Yes. High Street banks and other lenders offer mortgages for households buying a Shared Ownership property.

  • How much deposit will I need?

    This varies depending on your mortgage – it is usually 5% or 10%.

  • Can I make home improvements and alterations to my Shared Ownership home?

    You usually can – if you apply for consent and receive approval before beginning the work. If you move into a new-build home, you must wait until the warranty has expired one year after it is completed.

  • Can I buy extra shares or sell my home in the future?

    Yes to both. With Greenfields, you can increase your share by “staircasing” and eventually own the home outright. To sell, simply contact Greenfields and we will advertise your property on the Help to Buy website for 8 weeks. After that period, you can advertise on the open market with an estate agent.

Take a look at our 2-minute video to find out about the experience of buying a shared ownership home with Greenfields

What is shared ownership?

You can buy an initial share of between 25%-75% of the full purchase price in a new home, helping you into home ownership in manageable stages. You must still save to pay a deposit on your share, and you will then pay a subsidised rent on the remaining share that we still own.

The combined monthly cost of mortgage and rent will normally be less than if you were purchasing the property outright. With new-build properties, the minimum share is set for each development. With resale properties, you can only buy the share currently owned by the shared owner.

In the future you can simply sell your share for its value at the time or, alternatively, you can purchase further shares in your home. With most properties you are eventually able to own the property outright if you wish to, although there are some restrictions on rural schemes.

As a shared owner, you will be responsible for all internal maintenance, such as servicing your gas boiler if the property has one.

To find out more information about shared ownership and to see if you are eligible, please read our leaflet in the ‘Useful Documents’ box on right of this page, or contact us.

Help to Buy

The Help to Buy website is where you can find properties available for shared ownership. You can access the website:, or under the ‘Useful links’ area on the right.

Available shared ownership properties

If we currently have shared ownership properties available, they will be listed below. You must be registered and approved on the Help to Buy ESE website before you can apply.

If you have any queries, get in touch with our team through the ‘Contact Us’ area on the right. Good luck in your search for a home.

List of properties

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