Garage tenancies

Garage tenancies
15th February 2017 mg_greenfields
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We have garages, parking spaces and licences for garage plots available for rent throughout the District, regardless of whether you are a Greenfields tenant. Garages should only used for the storage of a vehicle, no valuable items should be stored.

If you wish to rent a garage, please complete our garage application form or contact us on 01376 535400 to find out more.

Garage application form

By providing the information above, you consent to Greenfields Community Housing processing your data to check your eligibility to become a “Garage tenancy holder”. The information you provide will be held on a “Waiting list” within our Housing Management and Document Management system and will continue to be held once your application has been successful. You are able to withdraw your consent at any time by contacting Greenfields’ Neighbourhood Support Manager. However, please note that we are required to retain the information regarding your application for 6 years after receipt of the “Garage” application, as per our Data Retention Schedule. For further information please see Our Privacy Policy
I confirm that I understand how the data submitted will be used.
I give my consent for my information to be processed for my application and to check my eligibility to become a Greenfields garage tenancy holder as stated above.