‘I must be doing a good job – my customers want me back!’

‘I must be doing a good job – my customers want me back!’
29th January 2019 Amanda Bhavnani

Adam Crane is our full-time Handyperson, a role requested by resident representatives on our Community Gateway Group to help those who need it. For just £12 an hour, he can carry out small tasks in your homes that can really make a difference to your quality of life. In this blog, he tells us why it’s just the job for him:

“I’m here for our tenants and leaseholders who have jobs around the home that they’re not able to do themselves. They’re often small tasks like changing light bulbs, putting up shelves or hanging pictures.

No two days are the same. Things like putting up blinds and curtains can increase privacy and help people to feel safe; which is important. And other jobs can make the place look nicer and even increase independence.

I really like helping people and it’s nice to see our customers’ reactions to the work I do. I must be doing something right as most customers that use the service want me back! Sometimes while I’m at someone’s home, they’ll think of another couple of jobs for me to do, like hanging up a picture or clock, which is quick and easy for me to do there and then.

Before I became Greenfields’ Handyperson I had already picked up skills through completing Painting and Decorating and Plastering Apprenticeships. I still work with other Greenfields’ tradesmen quite a bit, which helps me to learn new skills and practice what I already know.

If you want to use the Handyperson Service, just contact our Customer Service Centre, who will be happy to answer any questions. Follow me on Facebook to see what I’m up to. I look forward to meeting you.”

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