Out with the old at Steve’s Clean Up Day

Out with the old at Steve’s Clean Up Day
11th January 2018 Amanda Bhavnani

Steve Pettit is one of our Neighbourhood Co-ordinators, who help to keep our residents happy and safe in their homes and communities.  The team has been organising Make a Difference Days all over the District since early last year, to celebrate our 10th birthday last November by bringing residents together and improving their communities in various ways. Steve’s event was a Clean-Up Day in Sible Hedingham on Tuesday 9 January:

“Whilst doing tenancy visits and estate inspections throughout 2017 it became clear that a reoccurring problem for certain tenants in my area was that they had certain large household and garden items that we no longer required and both difficult and expensive to move. Working with these residents it was evident that it was nearly impossible to deal with this issue as without surplus funds or a vehicle of their own to use the items could not be moved.

“So, I decided to take the matter to the Halstead area forum who have a budget that they can use for small worthwhile projects and changes that improve the lives of residents in the local area. The forum, being made up of local people with an interest in supporting Greenfields Tenants, felt that helping people clear their homes and gardens was an excellent idea and approved the spending on two extra-large skips to be placed on Colne Road and Brook Meadow, Sible Hedingham.

“Residents were notified before Christmas and the skips were delivered on 8th January. Support was offered in the form of myself and two eager estate rangers, Jon and Matt, for anyone who had items too big to lift themselves. However when we arrived on the morning of Tuesday 9th January both skips were already three quarters full, which was heart-warming to see as it proved that there was a need that was even bigger than first anticipated.

“We were able to still help a number of residents who had large items like freezers, tumble driers and old garden furniture that wouldn’t have been able to move it themselves. Overall the day was a great success with both skips being full to near overflowing and a number of residents sharing their thanks for the service.”

Mrs Wesley from Colne Road was grateful for the help she received: “I thought it was a very good idea for Greenfields to provide the skip for residents and the people to help move the items. They helped me get rid of an old tumble dryer that, without their staff on hand, I would have had to either wait for a family member to have a day off and travel a long distance to move for me, or pay a fair amount to have it taken.”