Ready steady go for free-wheeling twosome!

Ready steady go for free-wheeling twosome!
17th April 2018 Amanda Bhavnani
Les and Neville

Pals, Les Clark and Neville Houghton, are enjoying their new-found freedom after Greenfields installed scooter pods at their Housing for Older People scheme.

There are now 11 impressive-looking pods at The Woodlands scheme in Braintree, which safely lock away and charge the battery on scooters when they’re not in use.

Greenfields have installed more than 90 pods and garages at the majority of our schemes, and have applied planning permission for the remainder.

Les 68, has Arthritis and COPD, which has resulted in both a metal knee & plate in his leg. Since the pods were installed earlier this month, he has been using his mum’s spare scooter to get around and is already enjoying the freedom it brings:

“It’s so easy to use. I’ve been to the co-op up the road, but you can go right into town on them as the batteries last for 10 miles. They don’t half motor along – it went off like a rocket!”

Neville, 84, will also use the scooter for shopping, as his own COPD means that he is on oxygen all the time due to his difficulty breathing. He tells us: “There will soon be eight of us with scooters, and we’ve very grateful to have them. We can play Wacky Races!”

Les is a volunteer Community Voice for residents of The Woodlands, and his role involves relaying the views and suggestions about his neighbours’ homes and housing service to Greenfields’ staff. He tells us: “Last year, me and my neighbours suggested to Greenfields that we got scooter pods. They listened and we are very happy with the pods.”

Residents with scooters each pay 25p per week to use the facilities. To find out whether you can hire a scooter pod, please email or call 01376 535400.

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