Ready, Steady… Let’s Get Cooking!

Ready, Steady… Let’s Get Cooking!
14th November 2017 James Calnan
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James Taylor at John Bunyan School in November 2017

James Taylor, our Health & Wellbeing Co-ordinator, held two cookery demonstration sessions with youngsters and parents at John Bunyan Primary School in Braintree. Here, he reveals why:

The average home throws away 260kg of food and drink per year…. that’s the equivalent of one out of every five bags of shopping you buy from the supermarket going straight into the bin!

In September, my colleague Helen and I undertook the training to become Healthy Eating Waste Less Champions, delivered by the Children’s Food Trust.

The training gives you the skills to provide practical cooking demonstrations in a school or community setting and deliver 5 key messages. They are:

  • Perfect planning
  • Know your dates
  • Savvy storage
  • Perfect portions
  • Love your leftovers

The purpose is to raise awareness about reducing food waste and helping people to stretch their budget further.

In November we ran a ‘let’s get cooking’ session with John Bunyan Primary School and targeted up to 150 children and parents/guardians. The children got involved in making a versatile pancake recipe and created naturally sweetened & savoury pancakes using leftovers like; bananas, berries, cheese, tomatoes, herbs and even a tuna melt version – don’t knock it before you’ve tried it!

In addition to the demonstration the participants were given the recipe and ideas how to batch cook, freezing and storing food and using up their leftovers to help save a few quid and reduce waste.

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