Report Tenancy Fraud and you could receive £100

Report Tenancy Fraud and you could receive £100
25th June 2019 Amanda Bhavnani
Tenancy Fraud

Each case of Tenancy Fraud (when you’re not legally entitled to live in your property) costs the tax payer up to £18,000 per year. It also deprives a family of a home they need. That’s why we’re running our campaign for the second year running to expose any residents who are committing Tenancy Fraud.

Tenancy Fraud includes sub-letting, taking over someone’s tenancy when you’re not entitled to and lying in order to rent a social housing property. It’s a criminal offence, with the consequences including eviction, and a possible fine of up to £5,000 or imprisonment.

Throughout July, we’re raising awareness of what Tenancy Fraud is and what the consequences are – not only for those committing it, but also how it increases homelessness by depriving someone of a home that they’re entitled to.

A key amnesty will give you the opportunity to hand your keys to your Neighbourhood Co-ordinator without facing court action. In addition, residents who confidentially report known cases of fraud to us which ultimately leads to us gaining back a property will receive a £100 voucher.

Arron Samson, a Greenfields Neighbourhood Manager, feels tackling tenancy fraud is essential: “It’s essential that everyone living in our homes in entitled to do so, and we need to be made aware of anyone breaking the law and depriving a family in need. Last year our campaign led to 11 enquiries being followed up and the keys to a home being handed back to us. We’re hoping for more of the same this year, so urge you to come forward with any information or to hand your keys in.”

You can report cases of Tenancy Fraud confidentially to us by emailing or calling 01376 535417 and leaving a voicemail message. This hotline will remain open indefinitely.

You can also contact your Neighbourhood Co-ordinator here: Your Neighbourhood Co-ordinator