Have a safe and sound Christmas

Have a safe and sound Christmas
19th December 2017 Amanda Bhavnani

Everyone enjoys a good holiday season. Family, food, parties, the odd drink if you are so inclined. Not to mention the presents. We gather with our loved ones, and make light of the darkest time of year. What’s not to love? But, before we get to all of that we have to do something important. We have to decorate. Tinsel, lights, candles and of course, the essential Christmas tree! Which means we have to start making decisions, starting with; do we want a real tree, or a plastic one?

Environmental credentials aside, it’s worth considering that, as well as lasting for years and not involving the cutting down or uprooting of any forests, plastic trees have one significant advantage over real Christmas trees. They don’t burn but real ones do. A cut Christmas tree is highly flammable and only becomes more so as it dries out in the heat (because the house has to be toasty and warm at Christmas).

How flammable? Check out this video, from the NIST: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t_eHBqVYa8A

To keep you, and your residents safe over the holidays, we advise the following:

1. Use fake, flame resistant trees where possible (BS EN 1021-1:2006 and BS EN 1021-2:2006)
2. If you absolutely must have real trees, purchase living trees in soil and ensure they are kept watered to reduce the risk of a fire.
3. Throw out your old fashioned incandescent bulb Christmas lights. Not only are modern LED Christmas lights more fuel efficient, they are cooler to the touch, drying out the tree less and are much less likely to spark and start a fire.
4. Never leave the lights on when you go to bed.

Other fire risks over the Christmas period include:

1. Candles

Never leave a candle lit if you are not in the room. Keep candles away from your trees, curtains, papers, children, pets and never, ever light a candle on a shelf under your wall mounted TV.

2. Christmas Puddings

Have a jug of water close at hand if you are going to light your pudding, it’s easy to be too generous with the spirits. Also, clear away the paper hats and bits of cracker before you light the pud.

3. Wrapping paper

It gets everywhere on Christmas morning. It takes up more space than you think and it can get knocked into the fire place really easily. Keep it clear of the fire place and bag it up before the children or the cats can throw it around.

4. Fire Alarms

Make sure you check your alarms have new batteries before the holidays and never take the batteries out.

5. Contents Insurance

It won’t keep you safe and it’s not just for Christmas, but if there’s one thing worse than a burst pipe, or a burglary, or a fire destroying everything you own at Christmas, it’s being uninsured when it happens.

Have a merry, safe, insured Christmas everyone.

Source of text and image: Arthur J Gallagher

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