Satisfaction survey 2018 – the results

Satisfaction survey 2018 – the results
3rd December 2018 James Calnan

Every two years, we carry out a Survey of Tenants and Residents, known as a STAR survey.

This year, 881 tenants and leaseholders took part, responding to questions about whether you were satisfied with us as a landlord.

The results below show that while most residents are happy with the services we provide and our satisfaction levels remain higher than most private sector organisations, satisfaction has fallen since our last survey in 2016.

Our Net Promoter Score, calculated by whether you would recommend Greenfields to your friends and family, is an impressive +40, one of the highest scores amongst housing associations.

We believe there are several reasons for this and will take actions to address them:


Finding: Satisfaction levels with housing associations in general are falling, partly as a consequence of having to change some services after the Government introduced rent cuts.

We will: Develop an action plan, monitored by our resident-led Community Gateway Group, aimed at increasing future resident satisfaction.


Finding: We received a number of complaints about our grounds maintenance service at the time this survey was carried out.

We will: Monitor performance closely when a new contractor starts in January 2019.


Finding: Satisfaction with our repairs and maintenance survey have fallen, which appears to be linked to comments around customer service.

We will: Carry out further research into possible causes and put in place plans to improve our communications around repairs.


Finding: Overall satisfaction in a handful of our Housing for Older People schemes was particularly low. Further research showed this was partly due to local issues such as Anti-Social Behaviour and major works.

We will: Work closely with residents in those schemes to address these issues.


Finding: Younger residents are, on average, less satisfied than residents aged 55 or over.

We will: Increase efforts to engage with and involve younger residents.


Satisfaction survey 2018