Setting the standard

Setting the standard
15th May 2018 Amanda Bhavnani
Staff at Greenfields

Our Customer Service Standards explain what our customers can expect from us when they contact us or when we contact them.

Following a recent Task and Finish Group a group of staff and residents reviewed our Customer Service Standards and recommended several changes to ensure they reflect the changing digital environment and our newer services. These include:

When you contact our Customer Service Centre we will:

  • Respond to Self Service Portal messages within one working day of receipt
  • Respond to Social Media contacts within four working hours
  • Respond to Live Chats within 60 seconds
  • Respond to your letter or email within five working days of receipt
  • Answer calls within 60 seconds
  • Offer a free of charge call back within 30 minutes or sooner
  • Never charge to call you back.

We also made some further tweaks to other sections to reflect our changing contact options (such as removing references to faxes) and also to give customers realistic expectations of our service e.g. not promising to always keep our appointments, but instead promising to keep customers updated on any changes.

Paula Briggs, Head of Customer Excellence, is confident that the new standards will work well for both staff and residents: “It’s vital that our customers are clear about what they can expect from us, no matter how they choose to contact us. We now have many more ways for them to get in touch – such as live chat, text social media and our self-service portal – so updating our standards to reflect these options is important.”

View our Customer Service Standard by clicking on this link: 

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