Tackling drug issues in our community

Tackling drug issues in our community
11th December 2018 Amanda Bhavnani
People at tackling drugs event

Every year, Neighbourhood Coordinators hold “Make a Difference Days” their communities. Mark Garnham and Gary Brown cover the “Glebe Estate” in Braintree and worked together to organise an event on 5 December to look at tackling drug issues in the community. Take a look at Gary’s blog to see what happened:

“Drug use and distribution has featured in several of our anti-social behaviour (ASB) cases in the area this year. Our aim with this event was to equip residents with information about how to report ASB – including gathering evidence – and how they can help anyone they know to access support for addiction.

Our current support service ranges from working with residents who have substance misuse issues and require support to sustain their tenancies, to properties identified as a hub for drug dealing and frequent criminal activity.

We recognise the frustration amongst many residents who have experienced and witnessed these issues. This event provided an opportunity to show how we work with partner agencies to deal with these matters. More importantly, we wanted to empower residents and demonstrate the importance of reporting drug-related crime.

To give a balanced overview of the enforcement and support agencies available to our residents, our speakers included:

  • PC Holmes, Essex Police
  • Mark Carlo, Street Scene Enforcement at Braintree District Council
  • Rebecca Bond, Central Braintree Income Manager at Greenfields
  • Tracey Markey, Recovery Support Worker at Open Road
  • Mark Garnham and myself.

Each of the speakers gave insight into their job role, as well as their involvement with perpetrators of drug-related ASB or criminality. They also discussed how they support substance misusers with rectifying their health and/or their behaviour.

We’re very grateful to the residents who attended and contributed to this event. The response we received has proven invaluable and has given us a lot to consider. For example, they’ve asked us to identify more support services to refer victims to if they’re suffering from stress and anxiety linked to ASB. We can also link them to their local Neighbourhood Watch initiative and will now consult with other residents and local business owners to determine further improvements.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog; I hope you have an enjoyable Christmas and New Year!”

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