Leading improvements on Lister Road

Leading improvements on Lister Road
17th October 2018 Amanda Bhavnani
Robert Yates

Robert Yates, from Black Notley, is one of our long-standing and much-valued volunteers. He’s currently a member of our Greenfields Residents Group (Mid), which has a budget to improve our communities in Braintree and surrounding areas. Alongside other residents and staff, he recently held a Community Action Day to see what residents think about where they live:

“My role as a member of Greenfields Residents Group (GRG) is to try to use our annual fund from Greenfields to improve people’s living areas and way of life, which gives me a sense of pride. Each of the three groups has a budget for two big projects per year, as well as smaller projects, like benches, lights and security additions. One way that we find out what improvements people would like to see is to hold Community Action Days.

It was lovely sunny afternoon when we arrived the Lister Road flats to talk to the residents about how we could improve where they live. A lot of Greenfields tenants came out to talk to us and one suggestion was to take out a large fence to open up a large, lovely green area that’s currently not accessible. Only two panels would remain to help to protect a bench memorial in honour of a local tenant who has passed away. Tenants could use then use green area to sit in and have picnics or do whatever they like with it! We’re also looking into possibility of putting a play area in there.

Another suggestion was to remove two fence panels near a garage area to open that up, too.

Events are also a good opportunity to recruit new GRG members, and I did meet someone who is interested in joining, which is great.

All in all, we had a lot of good feedback from the tenants about where they live, and we will see what can do to improve their area. We’ll be holding another event in Trottersfield in Braintree next Thursday, so look out for us!”