Talk, listen, care – support for mental health

Talk, listen, care – support for mental health
17th October 2017 Amanda Bhavnani
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Do you know a family member, friend or colleague who is quietly struggling emotionally and mentally? Deeply distressing or disturbing experiences in our lives such as work-related stress, the breakdown of relationships, bereavement and ill health affects the mental health of us all. It’s important for these issues to be addressed before they become unmanageable.

Talk, Listen, Care is a new charity which provides quality counselling and wellbeing services for local people who require support for their mental health.

They hope to make a real difference and to bridge a gap, by meeting the needs of those unable to access the high criteria of NHS and other mental health services, and those unable to pay the high cost privately.

Their aim is to engage people in a non-judgmental way, so that the vulnerable members of the community who struggle to access support when it is first needed can access a service when it is vital, before they endure further mental health issues or a crisis point.  It has been proven that vulnerable children and adults who have engaged in early intervention practice recover quicker; gaining more resilience and confidence.

Talk, Listen, Care is now taking referrals from members of the public and professionals.



Call: 07786 446525/07766 084479