“We try to help and be there for the people living on the Templars Estate”

“We try to help and be there for the people living on the Templars Estate”
30th May 2019 Amanda Bhavnani
Val Ahern

Val Ahern has been a member of the Tenants and Residents Association on the Templars Estate in Witham for more than 25 years and is currently Chair. In 2013, she received an BEM for her Services to Tenant Empowerment for the contribution she’s made. Here, she explains how the Association needs the help of the community to continue its great work:

“Templars Residents and Tenants Association has been going for over 25 years, and, under different chairs and members, we have really flourished.

We try to help and be there for the people living on the Templars Estate and the surrounding community. We’ve had great community events, including Cockney Nights, pantomimes and Fun Days.  Thanks to the support of Greenfields, councils and the Police, we’ve also had a great play area built, security cameras and new lighting installed, and pathways re-done.

None of these things could be achieved without the support of volunteers, residents, Greenfields and local partners.  We now have a lovely new office on Shaw Road which was rebuilt by Greenfields last year following damage and is waiting to be used for whatever you like!

We’re looking for people on the estate to volunteer to help to organise events, and for anyone in the community to suggest ideas on what those events could be. This could range from a coffee morning, to a “knit and natter” session and anything in between that brings people together. We’re also interested in finding more committee members, including a new Chair, Vice Chair and treasurer.

And we’re happy for any local organisations or projects in Witham to use the office, so please get in touch if you’re interested.

I’ve enjoyed my time as Chair and have had great people by my side, so thank you to everyone who’s been involved by either being on the Association or coming to events. We would really value your input, as needs change over the years and I’m an old bird now!”

If you’ve got an idea for an event, would like to volunteer for the Association or would like to make use of the office, please contact Katee Swallow at Greenfields on katee.swallow@greenfieldsch.org.uk or 01376 535400, or email csc@greenfieldsch.org.uk.