Home improvements

Home improvements

We understand that you may wish to make changes and improvements to your home so that it’s just the way you want it be.

Landlord’s consent

It is essential that you let us know if you plan to carry out any work other than that permitted in your Tenancy Agreement, and that you have our consent (known as Landlord’s Consent) before you begin.

Once we receive your application, we will assess it and let you know the outcome. It may be that a surveyor needs to visit your home, or that we require additional information from you before we can make a decision.

Our consent will be given where the works are reasonable, won’t have a detrimental effect on the property or won’t create health and safety issues.

Your project may require the additional approval of your local authority to proceed (i.e. planning permission, building regulations, environmental services permission)

If this is the case it will be your responsibility to obtain the relevant permissions before we will give permission for the project to proceed. For more information and to apply, visit https://www.theplanningportal.co.uk

We are unable to give our consent if:

  • You’re on a starter tenancy
  • You’re in rent arrears of over three months
  • You’re in temporary accommodation
  • You’re a perpetrator in an outstanding case of anti-social behaviour
  • You’re under-occupying a property and affected by the
  • Government’s Welfare Reforms
  • You have outstanding debts owed to us which are not being repaid
  • There is a genuine health and safety concern that may impact on our liabilities as a landlord
  • Not enough information has been provided for the works

If you carry out work without obtaining our consent we may require you to revert your home back to it’s original condition or we may do it for you – both of which will be charged to you.

You may be asked to revert your home back to its original condition at your own cost if you choose to move.

You can apply for Landlord’s Consent through our online form, which is in the ‘Useful Links’ box on the right-hand-side of this page.

Decoration programme

We offer an internal decoration service to our eligible tenants; and an external decoration service to all tenants who live in our homes.

Internal decoration service

Our internal decoration service is based on need and is available on referral only. You may qualify if you’re unable to afford to get decorating completed yourself. There are no age restrictions and once our annual budget is spent, residents are placed on a waiting list for the following financial year.

If you think you may qualify, please contact your Neighbourhood Co-ordinator: Your Neighbourhood Co-ordinator

External decoration service

Our external decoration service involves us painting the exterior of your home every six years. We will also clear the gutter and wash down plastic items.

The service is carried out area-by-area. We may need to complete a survey to determine the extent of the decorating work required.

We carry out this service to all our properties.

Improving your home

We aim to keep our homes at the highest standard possible; maintaining good quality both inside and outside.

To maintain them to this standard, it is important that they are surveyed from time to time to check the condition of elements both inside and outside. Elements inside your home include heating, electrics, bathrooms and kitchens. Elements outside your home include windows, doors, roofs, soffits & fascia, out-houses, sheds, garages and communal areas.

We will contact you when your home is ready to be surveyed. Please allow us access so that we can carry out the survey and arrange for any resulting work to be carried out.

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