Mutual exchange or downsizing

Exchanging or downsizing

We want you to live in a home that is comfortable and right for you. It may be that you would like to move to a different area, or to a different-sized home. To find out more about exchanging or downsizing, please read the information below.

Eastlight Community Homes

On 1 July 2020, Greenfields Community Housing and Colne Housing merged to form Eastlight Community Homes.

If you are a Greenfields resident, please continue using your usual contact methods, as they continue to work. Your services, including those featured on this page, continue to be available.

Covid-19 Update

We continue to accept Mutual Exchange applications during this latest lockdown. However, to keep our customers and staff safe, we have temporarily paused home inspections.

This means that we will advise you whether we agree the exchange can go ahead in principle, but that the exchange cannot be completed until we have carried out the inspection of your home.


If you are interested in downsizing (moving to a smaller home), you can apply for our Downsizing Assistance Scheme, which may give you a cash reward and also provide you with the support you need to go through the process. The scheme applies to all tenants who would like to downsize; whether the property you are moving to is inside or outside the district.

You can apply for the scheme by registering with your local authority to downsize through their housing register. Your council should then give you a priority banding. When you have received your log-in details you can place a bid on a smaller property.

You will receive a payment for downsizing, the payments differ depending on the size of the property you are giving up and if you require other assistance you can contact customer services who can refer you to the tenancy coordinator team. Payment will made shortly after your move, and any charges or outstanding rent will be deducted from the incentive payment.  This does not apply if you are downsizing following a succession of a tenancy.

Mutual exchange

A mutual exchange is when you swap your home with another social housing tenant. You can move within the district or anywhere else in the country, without the need to go through the usual housing waiting list or letting systems. Tenants with a Secure or Assured Tenancy can apply for a mutual exchange.  Tenants who are downsizing will also qualify for our Downsizing Assistance Scheme.

All parties in the exchange must complete the Greenfields Mutual Exchange application form below.

Once you have signed all the required paperwork for your exchange it is legally binding and you are expected to move on the date agreed with your landlord.

Please remember that if you wish to carry out a mutual exchange, you must ask your own landlord for permission to exchange. In some cases your application may be refused.

To find out more about mutual exchanges, visit the House Exchange website here: House Exchange.

To find out how to apply for a mutual exchange, please read our Mutual Exchange leaflet. You can download this from the ‘Supporting documents’ box.

Please only fill in this form once you have agreed in principle to carry out an exchange with someone. We aim to complete all mutual exchanges within two weeks of our checks being carried out, and will agree a moving date with you. 

    Today's date (required)

    Your Name (required)

    Your Email (required)

    By ticking the box below you consent for Eastlight to communicate with you using this address in all aspects of this exchange.
    I have read and I understand the statement above.
    Your address (required)

    Phone Number (required)

    I will be available to move from:

    How many homes are involved in this exchange? (required)

    Please list details of everyone in the household who will be moving, starting with yourself as tenant.
    Your name, sex and date of birth (required).

    Resident 2 - Name, sex, date of birth and relationship to tenant

    Resident 3 - Name, sex, date of birth and relationship to tenant

    Resident 4 - Name, sex, date of birth and relationship to tenant

    Any further residents moving - please list name, sex, date of birth and relationship to tenant.

    Details of present accommodation
    Type of home (please select)

    Type of tenancy (please select)

    Number of bedrooms (required)

    Any pets? (yes or no)

    Please tell us:
    Your landlord's name (required)

    Their email address (required)

    Their phone number (required)

    Are you currently an employee of Eastlight Community Homes? (required)

    Are you currently receiving Housing Benefit or Universal Credit? (required)

    Is there anyone else, excluding those mentioned earlier, who lives with you now? (required)

    If yes, please give details

    I would like to exchange with:

    Their Name (required)

    Their email (required)

    Please be aware by exchanging properties you may lose your 'Right to Buy' and the conditions of your new tenancy may change. Please seek advice from your proposed new landlord.
    When you come to complete your exchange, all parties will require a witness to digitally sign a legal document to allow the exchange to go ahead. The witness needs to have access to an email address and should not be related to you or any other party involved. Please think about who this is going to be as to avoid delays in your mutual exchange. We will contact you for these details at the property inspection stage.
    In addition, please note that we will only proceed to check your eligibility once you have ticked the declaration.
    I have inspected the property that I wish to move into and I am willing to accept it in its present condition. I understand that we can't move until we have received the written consent from our current landlords. I have read and understood the leaflet on exchanging homes. If you are joint tenants, you must both agree to the move. You will both be required to sign an agreement before a Mutual Exchange can take place.
    I confirm that I have sought and gained the approval of the customers I wish to exchange with to include their personal details, including their email addresses.
    The information you provide will be processed to check your eligibility for “Mutual exchange”. For further information regarding how we may use, store, process and share your personal information, please see Our Privacy Policy
    I have read and I understand the statement above. I confirm that the information supplied is true and complete to the best of my knowledge.

    Supporting documents

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