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Rechargeable repairs

We’re here to help you maintain your home and keep it in good condition. As a not-for-profit housing association, our income goes towards investing in the services and homes we provide. So that we can make the best use of the income we receive and keep operating costs down, you may be charged to carry out repairs that are preventable.

To see what repairs you may be responsible for, download the document in the Supporting Documents box on the right.

Here, Richard Mills, one of our experienced tradesmen, explains our rechargeable repairs process, and how you can prevent these types of repairs in your home.

What is a rechargeable repair?

Residents may be charged to fix damage not caused by “normal wear and tear.” If it’s a resident’s own fixture or fitting that’s gone wrong or broken, it is usually their own responsibility to have this put right. If it’s a health & safety issue we would repair it and there would be an additional cost. If it’s something that has been damaged by the resident, which is not classed as wear & tear, we may also charge to repair it. Accidents do happen and things get broken – it’s a fact of life.”

Can you give me an example of a rechargeable repair?

A general lock-out (when a resident is locked out of their home) is common. Sometimes people ask if we can waive the cost, but if someone locks themselves out, it costs money to send someone out to let them in, first and foremost; and if they happen to have lost their keys, we need to change parts and take time to fit them, which also costs money.

Are all rechargeable repairs preventable in the first place?

Yes, unless the materials are at fault.

Do you have any other examples of common rechargeable repairs?

Yes, blockages in sinks, baths and toilets are common. Often it’s preventable by the resident being aware of a few tips to avoid the blockage and knowing how to unblock it if it does.

What advice would you offer residents to help prevent rechargeable repairs?

If something in your home does start to go wrong or becomes defective, please get in touch straight away. Something silly like a dripping tap could start to drip water onto the worktops around that and lead to far worse than just that particular repair.

It’s also important that you get home contents insurance cover, in case your belongings are damaged as a result of repairs needed. Residents can contact us to find out about discounted rates.

What if a resident is worried about getting in touch because they might have to pay for a repair?

If it’s something that they’ve let happen, it’s much better if we know about it early rather than to leave it and it becomes worse and leads to further repairs.

Do residents always have to pay us for preventable repairs?

If it’s something like a broken door, the resident can buy their own door (subject to certain conditions, like it being the right size and asking for our consent) and get that installed by their own contractor. We would make an appointment to go back and inspect it to make sure that it’s been done to our standards. However, it may end up costing more in the long run.

So they could go elsewhere to get the repair carried out?

Yes, but something that affects health and safety – like a damaged electrical socket – we would want to fix immediately and charge for later. We wouldn’t risk someone being physically harmed.

Do you think it’s important for Greenfields to recharge for certain repairs?

As it says in our tenancy agreement, residents need to pay for repairs not caused by normal wear and tear; and they are responsible for looking after their homes – as we all are. The cost of repairs is reflected in the rent that we charge.

If you have a question about rechargeable repairs, please contact us by emailing


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