You said, we will – Greenfields AGM edition

You said, we will – Greenfields AGM edition
8th November 2017 James Calnan
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Greenfields AGM at Our Space, 28 September, 2017

On 28 September, 2017, we welcomed many of you to Greenfields House for our Annual General Meeting. Our Chairman and Executive Management Team would like to thank all of those who attended; it was great to share news, and listen to views about Greenfields performance and services over the past year with so many of you.

In previous years our AGM has been held at different hired venues and had a wider agenda. The decision was made to host the AGM at Greenfields House this year in order to provide better value for money, this resulted in a saving of more than £6,000.

After the business on the agenda was completed, the floor was opened to allow our Chairman and Executive Management Team to field your questions.

Below are the queries raised, and the responses:

Light bulbs: Are Greenfields ever going to do anything about elderly residents who are expected to climb on chairs to change their light bulbs?

At the meeting, Chief Executive Phil Adams pledged to find a way to help residents who could not change their own light bulbs (encased bulbs fitted in kitchens and bathrooms). One Community Voice commented that he and other residents often helped those less able to change light bulbs for themselves. Phil applauded their work in helping others within their communities.

Greenfields currently uses discretion to fit lightbulbs in kitchens and bathrooms free of charge for vulnerable residents who do not have the means or support to do this. Since the meeting, we have agreed to set up a Task and Finish Group, which will involve residents and staff working together to consider the options available going forward. Until the outcome of the group has been agreed, Greenfields will continue to fit lightbulbs free of charge in Housing for Older Persons schemes, and for any vulnerable residents who fall within the discretionary criteria. A charge of £12 will apply for other requests.

Anniversary celebrations: Why are you wasting money on a 10-year celebration for staff and a volunteers’ event?

Chief Executive Phil Adams addressed the AGM, saying he supported the holding of these events. He stressed how important it was to recognise the achievements of those who had contributed to a successful decade, which included staff, residents and volunteers and to thank as many of them as possible.

An involved resident commented that she also supported the events. She mentioned that the Volunteer event was being planned jointly with residents and that they felt this was justified, as many volunteers worked extremely hard all year round. She said that residents were involved in the planning and were working to a budget.

Universal Credit: Will any more staff be recruited to help residents with Universal Credit applications?

Universal Credit was expanded in Braintree in October. The service can only be accessed online, and we are already supporting residents with the online application process. A new Financial Inclusion post has also been created to support residents.

At the meeting, Phil gave an assurance that if additional resources were needed in a particular part of the business, for a particular reason a decision would be taken on the best way forward. We will continue help residents who require our support.

To see the minutes of 2017’s AGM, please click on this link: