Youngsters reveal crime concerns at drumming workshop

Youngsters reveal crime concerns at drumming workshop
22nd March 2019 Amanda Bhavnani
Three girls at drumming workshop

African drums provided the rhythm of the night at our workshop in a Witham Youth Club earlier this month. Here, Neighbourhood Co-ordinator, Sue Colyer, explains why she wanted to reach out to a younger audience for her annual community event:

“The African Drumming Workshop was held in early March at “The Hang Out” in Witham.  There are around 30 young people aged between 11 and 17 who generally attend this well-run volunteer-led youth club every other Wednesday night.  Usually, Greenfields’ Make a Difference Days are organised with adults or families in mind, but this one was quite different; it was a fantastic opportunity to see what they think about their communities and improvements they think could be made.

The drumming workshop was provided a company called “The music workshop” and was very well received. As the evening progressed the majority tried out a bit of drumming, and there was also some impromptu singing and dancing.

Everyone at the youth club was asked to fill out our survey, and the results revealed that they have concerns about crime in some areas, such as drugs, knives and alcohol. It’s also important for them to live near their friends and they feel that some estates are noisier and have more traffic compared to others. These results will be used to form the basis of next year’s event, so that the whole community, including young people, can benefit.

I would like to thank everyone who either tried out the drums or shared their thoughts and perceptions about where they live.”

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