Your help needed to #bringthebeesback!

Your help needed to #bringthebeesback!
19th September 2019 Amanda Bhavnani
Bee bombs

Did you know that bees are vital to a healthy environment and economy? 97% of natural bee and butterfly habitat has been lost in the UK since WW2, which would have a serious impact on how our natural world functions. That’s why our three Greenfields Residents Groups have provided £330 to fund 100 beebombs, and there are three simple steps to #bringthebeesback:

  1. Find a spot to scatter a bee bomb
  2. Contact us for a bee bomb
  3. Scatter the seeds.

Bee bombs are native, wildflower seedballs which are “perfect for pollinators” and help to continue essential food crops, from the apples in our lunchboxes to the tomatoes in our pizzas. They just need to be scattered onto cleared ground to create a wildflower meadow that will #bringthebeesback. We’re asking for suggestions of communal spaces where you can scatter them.

Beebombs require no gardening skill, just sun, rain and time to grow, which takes around a year.

If you have a suggestion of a communal space, please email and we will confirm if it’s safe to scatter and send you a beebomb.

To find out more about the national beebomb campaign and what our brilliant buzzy friends do for us, please click on this link: Beebombs

To find out more about our Greenfields Residents Group, please click on this link:  Greenfields Residents Group